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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

++ sHAre InFO ++

ASSALAMUALAIKUM 2 all my blog's readers..he3 (ada ke?)
 here, i want 2 share something 2 u all....i get this from my abah..(my dad r..) my abah give this "word" and ask me 2 remember that..(suh hafal..) this word sound like this..b4 that, this word u all can see in Al-Quranul karim, surah Al-An'am:103....(la tudrikuhul absor wahuwa yudrikuhul absor wahuwa latiful khobir..) after that continue with this "word" (wamaromaita iz romaita walakinnallaharoma..) for 2nd word i dont think so which surah in al-Quran,but insyaALLAH i will try 2 search it.. my abah said that this (2 ayat in Quran) have their benefits.. such as it can protect us from (sihir,trauma..gangguan makhluk halus) and others...other than that, those who like 2 caught fish as their hobby..u all can also use this word (2nd word) b4 u throw d pancing into kolam o laut o wherever u go to pancing r..(broken abis my language..=)..for more details and those who want 2 know the true of this word...(try with urself r..) 
just believe it!!.. =)             

Sunday, December 27, 2009

>> BaCK 2 CamPUs <<

Assalamualikum kepada pembaca2 budiman sekalian..
dah lame x update blog nie. alhamdulillah sampai gak kat kampus KUSZA subuh tadi 27hb.. dah sampai cnie, t'engat r plak kat rumah..bila kat rumah t'engat plak kat kampus..makan pn xlalu ag  nie t'engat kat rumah..hu2 xtau r mmg cmnie tiap kali balek kmpus..rindu r plak ngan bdk2 yg dtg ngaji kat rumah..ank2 buah yg sllu bwat rumah aq happening..mcm nursery r plak rumah aq 2..riuh dgn sore bdk2...wpun nakal tp maintain je klu kna marah ngan acik2nya..he3 tgk muka diorg je, x jd nk marah..sejuk je tgk muka kanak2 yg masih suci nie.. may ALLAH bless u all..

Wow Menarik ni ^^

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